[Slackbuilds-users] spf breaks submission form email validation

David Miller dave at frop.net
Sat May 2 23:34:06 UTC 2009


my mailserver rejects whatever valid email check the submission form does.

It appears that the test message comes FROM the same adress that it is TO. Since I am using spf, the mail is rejected because I publish an spf record that says only my machines may send mail from my domain.

here's what I get in the log
Received-SPF: fail (pretender.frop .net: SPF record at frop.net does not designate as permitted sender)

It seems like the valid email checker should use a from address other than the destination address.

I was able to submit my slackbuild under another address.

David Miller dave at frop.net http://dave.frop.net/
Saturday 5/2/09 6:34pm CDT

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