[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090902

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Wed Sep 2 18:05:38 UTC 2009

Wed Sep  2 18:04:30 UTC 2009
desktop/industrial-cursor-theme: Re-added.  --erik
network/hping3: Re-added.  --rworkman
system/chkrootkit: Updated for version 0.49.  The source tarball is now hosted
  on the SlackBuilds.org server since it's an unversioned tarball and thus
  users have no indication that it's been changed until the build fails.
  Thanks to Markus Reichelt for the notification.  --rworkman
system/slim: Re-added.  Thanks to Morten Juhl-Johansen.  --rworkman

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