[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090925

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Fri Sep 25 13:36:25 UTC 2009

Fri Sep 25 13:28:46 UTC 2009
As usual, we're running a bit behind on getting things checked - real life
  keeps getting in the way :-)  Nonetheless, we're still alive, so please
  be patient.  In the meantime, here are a few:
audio/sonata: Updated for version 1.6.2.
desktop/hsetroot: Added - a tool which allows you to compose wallpapers ("root
  pixmaps") for X.  Thanks to Eugene Wissner.
desktop/pekwm: Added - a lightweight window manager for X.
  Thanks to Eugene Suter.
development/hugs98: Re-added, thanks to Daniel.
games/UrbanTerror: Updated to fix the libcurl linkage and various other minor
  fixes.  Thanks to Matthew Fillpot.  --rworkman
games/mupen64plus: Added option to choose between Gtk2 and Qt4 GUI.
  Thanks to M.Dinslage.  --pprkut
graphics/rawstudio: Re-added, thanks to Nishant Limbachia.
libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 7.89.
libraries/libopensync-plugin-file: Added - libopensync-plugin-file
  is a simple file synchronisation plugin for opensync.
  Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --pprkut
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora: Re-added, thanks to Nishant Limbachia.
multimedia/gpac: Re-added, thanks to Nishant Limbachia.
multimedia/nted: Updated for version 1.8.1.
  Thanks to Corrado Franco.  --rworkman
network/clamav-unofficial-sigs: Updated for version 3.6.
network/gwibber: Added - a GTK/python based microblogging client.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali .  --michiel
network/msynctool: Added - msynctool is a command-line interface
  to opensync. Thanks to Michael Wagner.  --pprkut
office/calibre: Updated for version 0.5.14 along with minor cleanups to the
  build script.  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --rworkman
system/gconf-editor: Added - GConf-editor is a GNOME utility for editing the 
  GConf configuration database.  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --rworkman
system/postgresql: Updated for version 8.4.1.
  Thanks to Adis Nezirovic.  --pprkut

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