[Slackbuilds-users] mrxvt removal

David Woodfall dave at unrealize.co.uk
Fri Sep 25 14:37:43 UTC 2009

On (08:20 25/09/09), Robby Workman <rworkman at slackbuilds.org> put forth the proposition:
>On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 23:06:34 +0100
>David Woodfall <dave at unrealize.co.uk> wrote:
>> Am I right in thinking that it's just the slackbuild script itself
>> that is the problem?
>> I use it myself so if this is correct I will contain the maintainer
>> about it unless someone already has?
>Honestly, I don't remember one way or the other, so probably you
>should check with the maintainer.  If there's no response, then
>feel free to look into it and perhaps fix it up for submission.

Yeah I mailed the maintainer and he did say he would resubmit it.


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