[Slackbuilds-users] Updates - 20090927

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Sun Sep 27 04:36:23 UTC 2009

Sun Sep 27 03:53:41 UTC 2009
academic/glpk: Updated for version 4.39.  Thanks to Chris Abela.  --dsomero
academic/gwyddion: Updated for version 2.16.
  Thanks to Daniil Bratashov.  --dsomero
academic/rkward: Re-added for 13.0.  Thanks to Germán Márquez Mejía.
desktop/CurseTheWeather: Re-added and updated for version 0.5.
  Thanks to Phillip Warner.  --dsomero
desktop/dwm: Re-added and updated for version 5.6.1.
  Thanks to Tom Canich.  --dsomero
development/avr-binutils: Added - avr-binutils is a cross compiling
  version of GNU binutils for AVR platform.
  Thanks to Marek Buras.  --dsomero
development/avr-gcc: Added - avr-gcc is a cross compiling version of GNU
  gcc for AVR platform.  Thanks to Marek Buras.  --dsomero
development/gtkdialog: Re-added and updated for x86_64.
  Thanks to slakmagik.  --dsomero
development/python3: Updated for version 3.1.1.
  Thanks to Audrius Kazukauskas.  --rworkman
development/qt-creator: Re-added and updated for version 1.2.1.
  Thanks to Andre Barboza.  --dsomero
graphics/gbdfed: Added - gbdfed is a Bitmap Font Editor.
  Thanks to B. Watson.  --dsomero
libraries/avr-libc:  Added - avr-libc is a cross compiling version of GNU
  libc for AVR platform.  Thanks to Marek Buras.  --dsomero
libraries/cuneiform: Added - cuneiform is an OCR system.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
libraries/fftw: Updated to support building portable packages.
  Thanks to Kyle Guinn and Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
libraries/gdal: Updated for version 1.6.2.
  Thanks to David Spencer.  --dsomero
libraries/gdata: Added - gdata is an API to Google services.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
libraries/json-glib: Updated for version 0.7.6.
  Thanks to Erik Hanson.  --dsomero
libraries/openvas-libnasl: Updated for version 2.0.2.
  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --dsomero
libraries/openvas-libraries: Updated for version 2.0.4.
  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --dsomero
misc/figlet: Updated for use on x86_64.  Thanks to David Woodfall.  --dsomero
misc/fileinfo: Added - fileinfo is a PHP extension that allows for the
  retrieval of file information.  Thanks to Christopher Walker.  --dsomero
misc/gramps: Updated for version 3.1.2.
  Thanks to Bill Kirkpatrick.  --dsomero
multimedia/audex: Added - audex is an audio grabber tool for CD-ROM drives
  based on KDE 4.  Thanks to Corrado Franco.  --dsomero
multimedia/gaupol: Added - Gaupol is an editor for text-based subtitle files.
  Thanks to Andre Barboza.  --dsomero
multimedia/k9copy: Re-added and updated for version 2.3.3.
  Thanks to Roberto Neri.  --dsomero
network/btpd: Updated for version 0.15.  Thanks to nmoura.  --dsomero
network/efax-gtk: Re-added and updated for version 3.0.20.
  Thanks to LukenShiro.  --dsomero
network/konversation: Updated for version 1.2_alpha6.
  Thanks to Michiel van Wessem.  --pprkut
network/openvas-client: Updated for version 2.0.5.
  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --dsomero
network/openvas-server: Updated for version 2.0.3.
  Thanks to Marco Bonetti.  --dsomero
network/qbittorrent: Added - qbittorrent is a qt-based bittorrent client.
  Thanks to David Woodfall.  --rworkman
office/grisbi: Added - Grisbi is a personnal accounting application.
  Thanks to Larry Hajali.  --dsomero
office/keepassx: Re-added.  Thanks to ben collver.  --dsomero
system/biew: Updated for version 6.0.0.  Thanks to Oleg O. Chukaev.  --dsomero
system/bleachbit: Updated for version 0.6.3.
  Thanks to Pierre Cazenave.  --dsomero
system/dtach: Re-added.  Thanks to slakmagik.  --dsomero
system/fxload: Updated to remove an unnecessary patch.
  Thanks to Andre Barboza.  --dsomero
system/kqemu: Tweaked SlackBuild.  Thanks to David Woodfall.  --dsomero
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 185.18.36.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 185.18.36.
  Thanks to Heinz Wiesinger.  --dsomero
system/pdksh: Added - pdksh is a public-domain implementation of the Korn
  shell.  Thanks to Daniel LEVAI.  --rworkman

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