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Adis Nezirovic adis at linux.org.ba
Mon Apr 5 12:39:59 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 02, 2010 at 02:15:27PM -0500, Robby Workman wrote:
> For what it's worth, this is the way that we *try* to handle
> things (or at least *I* have been doing them this way).  I 
> think I was the last person to touch the postgresql build,
> so I guess I missed it on that one.
> Basically, the init script should be install with mode 0755 but
> as a rc.postgresql.new; the config() in doinst.sh then checks 
> to see if there's already a rc.postgresql on the system, and if
> so, it sets the perms of the .new script to the same as what's 
> currently on the system -- I think that will give us the best
> results regardless.
> I'll try to get that fixed up soonish.

Preserving mode for existing scripts is OK, but I personally think that
the default for new scripts should be 0644. Admin should run chmod +x

On the side note, I like to have /etc/rc.d in root PATH, and adding
unecessary executable rc scripts interferes with that :-D

Anyway, nothing too important, handle at you own discretion.

Best regards,
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