[Slackbuilds-users] [ANN] SBo/Sbopkg comprehensive queue archive

Mauro Giachero mauro.giachero at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 14:34:21 UTC 2010

Hello everybody.

Some time ago I started building a comprehensive queue archive that would
allow me to build packages without having to go through all their
dependencies. Because I know we want to have control over dependencies, but
sometimes populating the queue is nothing more than a hassle.

I'm pleased to announce that the queue archive I built up is now available
as a git repository at
It contains a queue for each of the scripts available on SlackBuilds.org for
Slackware 13.0 [1], plus a tools/ directory with the simple command line
tools I developed to make it easier to track updates.

To try the repository, first off you have to clone it using either
  git clone git://
  git clone
(whichever works better for you), which creates a new directory named
"sbopkg-slackware-queues". Then
  export QUEUEDIR=/path/to/repository
and start sbopkg [2].

Once this is all set up, you should be able to build and install any package
by issuing something like
  sbopkg -R -k -i foo.sqf
(where "foo" is the package name, of course). Missing dependencies should be
built and installed in the correct order [3].

Updates can be fetched issuing the command
  git pull origin
from the repository directory.

Since I use only a small fraction of all those packages, there are most
probably errors or badly chosen optional dependencies here and there. I'll
really appreciate hints and bug reports from anybody willing to contribute.
Maintainers may also want to have a look at the queues for their own
packages, since some contain notes about issues found while working on this.
You can also see them all with
  grep -i '# Note' *.sqf

I'm looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions.

With best regards
Mauro Giachero

[1] As you may easily guess, this work is not endorsed by neither Slackware,
SlackBuilds.org or Sbopkg.
[2] You can make the QUEUEDIR export permanent by editing
[3] "should" is a keyword here -- you're encouraged to review the list of
the packages that are going to be built/installed before starting the
process. This repository is not a way to turn sbopkg into apt ;-)
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