[Slackbuilds-users] state of gnucash

Vincent Batts vbatts at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 12:55:45 UTC 2010

gnucash is readying for their 2.4 release. Already their is severval
beneficial features like using webkit instead of gtkhtml, and using
alternate storage backends like sqlite, mysql, or postgresql. Another that
they've slipped in (that is VERY feature poor, but a great start) is a QT
frontend, called cutecash. I'm excited about it. In their 2.3.x series they
are up to .14, I would submit a build for these, but they are considered
unstable and have changed frequently.

Take care,

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I'm sorry you track this package.

It'd be nice if gnucash would go the way of Abiword and drop most of
the Gnome dependencies. Or perhaps if Gnome would get their butt in
gear and synchronize a few things.
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