[Slackbuilds-users] make -j -l

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at xsmail.com
Sun Jun 20 13:16:05 UTC 2010

On Sunday 20 of June 2010 16:01:38 Donald Allen wrote:
> Suggestion:
> It would be nice if slackbuilds rummaged around in /proc/cpuinfo, 
> out how many cores are present and whether hyperthreading is 
supported, and
> then set the -j option to make accordingly. It would also be good if 
> took a value for the -j option as an argument (in an environment 
> much as ARCH is handled). If just the latter were implemented and 
not the
> former (because of the messiness of doing the former), that would be 
> reasonable compromise, in my view.
> I say this while suffering through a build of webkit on a little mini itx
> box I recently built, with a dual-core Atom D510 with hyperthreading. 
> are slow (I use this machine because I care a lot about my personal 
> consumption; its silence and coolness is also a bonus), but this build
> would have done quite awhile ago if the make had been done with -j 
4 or -j
> 5 to take advantage of the two cores and the hyperthreading. Sure, I 
> have looked at the slackbuild and edited it myself, but multi-core
> machines are common now, so why not support them by making 
parallel make a
> standard part of slackbuild?

Of course, you could also define MAKEFLAGS in your $SHELLrc.
That way everyone will be happier cause the SlackBuild wouldnt
automatically set the value of a variable to a possibly not desirable 

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