[Slackbuilds-users] gvfs / WebDAV question

Chris Abela chris.abela at maltats.com
Wed Jun 30 10:38:33 UTC 2010


In order to try webdav application, you need a webdav account on a webdav
server. Normally you need certificate/s to log in. I did not find any
functional free webdav servers with which one may test the webdav client,
but I have access to such a server that I use for my application. That is
how I test my davfs2.SlackBuild, but I may not share my account.

According to my understanding Webdav certificates may be installed on MS IE
and possibly some open source File Managers. The Gigolo documentation on the
net seems a bit terse in this aspect and I have no experience. If you can
send the SlackBuild + any deps, I will test it on my account.

However webdav should not be a showstopper anyhow. After mounting the webdav
server on, say, /mnt/webdav with davfs2, users may open that directory with
any file-manager that they choose. That would be following the UNIX-way of
doing things.


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I'm *almost* writing a gvfs-1.4.3 slackbuild aiming for its use with 
gigolo on Xfce. On a stock Slackware system it has only /optional/ 
dependencies, such as GConf, libsoup, gnome-keyring and avahi. I built 
it without further problems and then gigolo shows more than Unix(file) 
as a supported protocol: ;)

Unix Device (file)    tested, works OK
SSH (sftp)            tested, works OK
Network (network)
Windows Share (smb)   tested, works OK
Archive (archive)
Obex (obex)

Browsing through gvfs, But it does support webdav, but I don't know crap 
about it and still would like to see it working with gvfs/gigolo anyway.

I tried to install davfs2 from SBo prior to configuring gvfs but it 
didn't work.


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