[Slackbuilds-users] The sed story of the qhull patch comes to a happy ending

Chris Abela chris.abela at maltats.com
Mon May 10 11:14:47 UTC 2010

In order to submit an update for qhull-2010 I had written a patch to be able
to compile it and build it on Slack. I also verified that the Octave build
in the repository could also pick it up.

Yet a few weeks later an updated Octave was submitted, and in order to be
able to compile against qhull-2010 the following "sed" line and comments
were necessary in the octave.SlackBuild

# qhull 2010.1 does not install qhull/qhull.h; this file is for "backwards
# compatibility" and just redirects to qhull/libqhull.h.  Octave tries to
# use the old header only to compile a test during ./configure.  The test
# fails because the old header doesn't exist, and as a result Octave won't
# use qhull.  This line fixes the test, but you may need to comment it out
# if you intend on using an older version of qhull.
sed -i 's/qhull\/qhull\.h/qhull\/libqhull\.h/g' configure aclocal.m4

Although this hack works and qhull is indeed integrated in octave, I thought
that we could do better. So I am submitting an updated
academic/qhull/Make-config.sh.patch that is to substitute the one on
repository. The octave comments and the "sed" line should be deleted. I
tested octave to confirm that qhull is picked and it actually works on
Slack13.0 Multilib, 32 and pure_64.


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