[Slackbuilds-users] Fix for merkaartor SlackBuild (patch attached)

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Spam at nurfuerspam.de
Fri May 14 16:48:31 UTC 2010

Reposting patch, gzipped now. Gmane seems to "anonymize" mail addresses :-(

Manuel Reimer wrote:
> Hello,
> I've attached a patch for the merkaartor SlackBuild file, which already
> is part of the SBo package repository.
> The most important fix, I've added, is, that I've found out how I get
> merkaartor to include all its language files. This took me some hours to
> find out, so it would be great if you could leave the short credits
> line, I've added, where it is.
> The two smaller fixes are:
> --> should be set according to the documentation
> - Dropped the perl module stuff. Merkaartor doesn't ship any perl
> modules, so I don't think we should keep those lines.
> Thanks in advance
> Yours
> Manuel Reimer

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