[Slackbuilds-users] 13.1

Rob McGee rob0 at slackbuilds.org
Wed May 26 22:57:59 UTC 2010

On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 10:02:01PM +0200, Antoine NONYME wrote:
> Rob McGee:
> > xz is a fine tool, possibly superior to gz in every way. But it 
> > has not been around as long. I run numerous older boxes, some of 
> > which are not likely to get upgraded soon if ever, and sometimes 
> > it's nice to be able to look inside a binary package.

> tar-1.22 and xz from Slackware 13.0 sources just build fine even
> on Slackware 11.0 (and I did it yesterday) .

I have found in two cases, one of which was 11.x[1], that installing 
the *binary* xz package and upgradepkg pkgtools is all it takes to 
get the ability to deal with .txz in the packaging system[2,3]. I 
didn't do anything with tar.

[1] I can't check the exact version, because that one WAS upgraded.
[2] And that was HOW it was upgraded, installpkg -root /new ...
[3] There are things outside pkgtools where it is sometimes useful
    or desirable to be able to look inside a binary package. For
    example, mc(1) works well to view a package, but only if it is
    also upgraded (and I doubt the binary 13.0 mc package would work
    on older systems.)

PS to Ben: As requested, I have chosen not to take offense at your 
irrelevant and fallacious remarks, which otherwise need no comment. 
But please, *do* fix your MUA's formatting problem. The staggered 
line ends are very annoying to read and difficult on the eyes.

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