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King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Thu May 27 01:01:01 UTC 2010

I appreciate the hard work of all the SBo admins. So tale your time.
Its not like I can install 13.1 yet anyway - its d/l via bittorent and
then I had to hop a plane for work.  Also, on behalf of some whiner
slackers ("are we there yet? NO!!), I apologize for all their

And while I'm on a rant, why can't those lazy bastards just TRY the
13.0 slackbuild on 13.1 (as some have, kudos)? Maybe these kids would
rather go with Ubuntu?


On 5/25/10, Robby Workman <rworkman at slackbuilds.org> wrote:
> I know there's a bit of anticipation by now, and probably some
> pondering as to why we haven't got a set of scripts out there
> for 13.1 yet, so I guess some explanation/discussion is in
> order...
> Basically, the Slackware 13.1 release snuck up on us (yes, even
> though several of the SBo admin team *knew* it was coming), and
> it happened to coincide with real-life conflicts for several of
> the admins, so we didn't get as far along with preparation as we
> normally would have.  Because we believe that, like Slackware,
> it should only go public "when it's ready," we decided to wait
> until we were comfortable calling things "ready" for public
> consumption before spinning tarballs and such and putting out
> a public changelog in the usual manner.
> The other major factor that's played a part in the delay is
> something that lots of people have long requested, and that
> is tracking the repository in git.  Yes, that's right - we
> now have a git repo with everything in it.  Consider the ensuing
> based on feedback, our preferences, logistics, phase of the
> moon, and various other known and unknown factors...
> http://slackbuilds.org/gitweb/ has a web interface to the
> git repositories - you will notice that there is a 'slackbuilds'
> repo and a 'templates' repo, and each of them contains exactly
> what the name implies.
> The 'slackbuilds' repo contains several "predictable" branches:
> 11.0, 12.0, 12.1, 12.2, 13.0, and 13.1, and each of those has
> exactly what the branch name implies.  It's a bit early to be
> setting anything in stone, but unless something changes, the
> '13.1' branch at any given moment should be the equivalent of
> what is available on the website (in other words, it's exactly
> what you would have gotten from an rsync of the slackbuilds/13.1/
> tree if we didn't have a git repo).
> Each admin will have one or more separate branches (which might
> have various names) where he will push approved submissions as
> they are cleared.  From time to time, one of us will gather the
> various commits from the admin-specific branches and commit them
> to master, and once we decide to do a public push to http (the
> "old" way of doing things), then we'll merge master into the 13.1
> branch, generate the tarballs, gpg sigs, and ChangeLog, and sync
> that over to the http tree.  Again, the http tree (the old way)
> will always be in sync with the 13.1 branch (until 14.0 is out).
> For those of you who don't know git and/or have no desire to learn
> it, fear not -- nothing changes with respect to the rest of our
> site.  Everything stays the same in regard to rsync, ftp, http,
> and so on.
> For those of you who *do* know/use git, this is another option for
> you.  For the time being, submissions will still be done using the
> existing method - git pull requests are not an option right now. [1]
> This probably doesn't need to be said, but for your own sanity,
> DO NOT base any work on an admin-specific branch (e.g. on my
> 'rworkman' branch) -- those are subject to be rebased, removed,
> etcetera at any time.
> Anyway, we hope to have all the kinks ironed out of this soon,
> and once we do, we'll get everything up and running normally.
> Thanks for your support and patience, and in the meantime,
> enjoy 13.1!
> [1] That's not to say that a git pull request won't be honored.
>     In fact, if you were to clone master and host it on e.g. github,
>     and create a separate branch for each app that you submit via
>     our submission form, and note that in the comments of the
>     submission, it's certainly possible that some of us :) might
>     use that.   This is particularly true for cases where:
>       [ $admin == rworkman ] && [ $changetype == trivial ]  :-)
> -RW

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