[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.33.1 Released

slakmagik slakmagik at gmail.com
Thu May 27 19:04:26 UTC 2010

sbopkg 0.33.1 is released. This release brings us into alignment with
SBo and Slackware 13.1, squashes several more or less obscure bugs, and
adds a couple of features, too.

Here are the changes since the last official release:

  * Addressed an apparent bash 4.1 bug that causes the 'obsolete sources'
    function to break.
  * Addressed issue 44 where hitting ^C during the download of part of a queue
    and restarting the queue could result in a download failure. Thanks to
    slava18 for the report.
  * Changed the menu order of the "Build options" dialog to default to using
    "Saved" options rather than "None".
  * Fixed issue 45 where packages with '+' in the name were not properly
    detected in some cases. Thanks to skalkoto for the report.
  * Added a help item to the main menu of the dialog interface with pointers
    to documentation and other resources.
  * Added an option to print the version of sbopkg. We try not to change the
    meaning of flags but note that this does change what was the '-v' flag to
    '-V' and now uses '-v' for its customary 'version' purpose. Note that the
    new -V flag now accepts a '?' argument (sbopkg -V ?) which will display
    the list of valid repositories.
  * Tweak the logic re determining ARCH and modify some ARCH-related
    evals and conditionals in check_for_updates and info_item.
  * Fixed a bug which could result in some sources being missed when checking
    for obsolete sources.
  * Added a command line option '-P' to access the 'remove uninstalled
    packages' function which had previously only been accessible from the
    dialog interface.
  * Miscellaneous tweaks in preparation for release and to bring in line with
    Slackware 13.1.
  * Tweaked widgets in select_repository() (no or less scrolling) and
    load_user_queue() (better button) and modified check_gpg() to not disrupt
    the dialog interface with gpg output
  * Revised the KNOWN_ISSUES file and other documentation

As always, thanks to our users who have tested sbopkg and reported bugs
and given us such positive, encouraging feedback.

This release can be downloaded from


Thanks also to my fellow developers, Chess Griffin and Mauro Giachero.
As may be obvious from the From line and from other signs, Chess is not
doing this release but, never fear, he is still actively involved in
sbopkg development and was a tremendous help with this release process.
I've just agreed to help with releases and other administrative duties
in addition to development.

Have fun!

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