[Slackbuilds-users] faac 1.28 does not build against libmp4v2

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Fri May 28 14:24:31 UTC 2010

> I am having a little trouble with the Slackware 13.1 build script for
> faac 1.28. Although faac builds and runs well enough there seems to be
> a problem with faac building against either internal or external
> libmp4v2 under gcc 4.4.4 and thus under 13.1. This patch enables
> support for the internal library:
> http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/faac.git;a=blob;f=debian/patches/build-fix.patch;hb=HEAD
> and works well enough on my system, but I could see no way of getting
> support for the external library.

I'm not the maintainer, but this is what I found.


As the patch changes the configure.in file, you need to perform the
following act of violence against automake before running configure.

patch -p1 < $CWD/faac-1.28-external-libmp4v2.patch
libtoolize --force --copy
automake --add-missing

Attached are the patch and the revised SlackBuild.
Hope this is helpful!

(Third attempt at sending - *damn* the googlemail.com -> gmail.com migration!)
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