[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.34.0 Released

slakmagik jsunx1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 12 04:33:25 UTC 2010

sbopkg 0.34.0 is released. This release has been awhile in coming and
includes some revisions in the directory initialization and in the
command line interface, including the ability to pass app-specific
options on the command line and to specify the -b, -g, -i, and -s flags
multiple times. It also fixes the -s option, which had been broken for
awhile. It also includes a revised configuration file, new man pages,
and has various other enhancements and bugfixes.

Thanks to all sbopkg users who help out with bug reports, suggestions,
and whose appreciation of sbopkg is appreciated. :)

This release can be downloaded from


Here are the specific changes since the last release:

  * Revised man pages - these are very different and now document a
    couple of previously undocumented things and are worth a (re-)read.
    Thanks to Marie-Claude Collilieux for the French translations of
  * The HACKING file now includes a man page style guide in addition to
    the coding style guide.
  * The LOGDIR variable has been removed from sbopkg.conf - DIR can be
    specified in LOGFILE.
  * The DEBUG variable has been renamed to DEBUG_UPDATES in sbopkg.conf.
  * The default timeout values in {WGET,RSYNC}FLAGS have been raised
    from 10/15 to 30 in sbopkg.conf.
  * All parameters in sbopkg.conf now use default values only if the
    variable hasn't been previously set (meaning they can all be
    overridden by passing variables on the command line).
  * sbopkg.conf has been reordered - this may make any merging that may
    be needed more interesting this time but hopefully it's worth it.
  * The directory initialization process has been changed - at first run
    or otherwise when encountering missing directories, the user will
    now be presented with a single list of them and a (C)reate/(A)bort
  * The command line user interface has been overhauled in terms of more
    consistent validated command line messages and prompts.
  * Fix an ARCH display issue in the updates screen; thanks to alkos333,
    Marc Payne, and David Spencer for confirming the issue and thanks to
    David Spencer for testing the fix.
  * Fixed bugs with dzen2 and *zarafa* not downloading/building
    properly. Note that, while the changes fix these issues and should
    make it easier to handle similar problems in the future, this change
    may introduce regressions. If a download or build fails due to a
    downloaded tarball looking something like
    'blah?actual_tarball.tar.gz' or the like, please report it to us.
  * Fixed bugs with the '-s' option where only the first of multiple
    arguments would be returned and where the command line select menu
    was broken. Also where it and the -g flag might inadvertently expand
    globs wrongly.
  * It's now possible to specify the b,g,i,s flags multiple times.
    Previously multiple arguments to these flags had to be quoted (-b
    "foo bar") but now they can be given as '-b foo -b bar'. The
    original style is still supported.
  * With the new style of passing multiple arguments, it is now possible
    to specify app-specific options on the command line. These take the
    form of, e.g., '-i app1:opt1="foo bar":opt2=baz app2:opt=mu'. If
    that's cryptic, see the manual for details.
  * Users now have the option of interactively retrying a failed https
    download, invoking wget with '--no-check-certificate', as this can
    be caused by 'self-signed certificates' and the like.

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