[Slackbuilds-users] Nvidia driver update - for GoogleEarth and Amaya Builds, perhaps others

Martin Pagnan mpagnan at acanac.net
Mon Nov 22 03:35:01 UTC 2010

Both GoogleEarth.Slackbuild and Amaya.Slackbuild failed for me in that 
they both crashed KDE. After a long painstaking search I found a 
recommendation to reinstall the Nvidia driver. Reinstalling my old 
driver (version x86_64-256) did not fix the problem. The error log 
indicated that the GLX module was not loaded - even though it was 
specified in the xorg.conf file and the GLXmodules were installed. Then 
I looked to the Nvidia site for a new driver and downloaded and 
installed the latest version - NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.21.run. This 
fixed both problems. KDE no longer crashes. The GLX module now loads. 
The release notes for this new version state that it fixes a problem 
where "multi-threaded applications" would sometimes crash. I have 
notified the maintainers of the GoogleEarth and Amaya Slackbuilds on 
this, but I thought that others may be experiencing similar problems 
with other builds so I am posting this here.

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