[Slackbuilds-users] Patch proposal to remove bashisms from some scripts

B Kirkpatrick bkirkp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 14:15:58 UTC 2010

On 10/30/2010 12:50 PM, slakmagik wrote:
> On 2010-10-30 (Sat) 09:00:11 [-0400], xgizzmo at slackbuilds.org wrote:
>> On Saturday 30 October 2010 08:40:58 Max Miorim wrote:
>>> On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Eric Hameleers<eha at alienbase.nl>  wrote:
>>>> On Sat, 30 Oct 2010, David Spencer wrote:
>>>>>> Recently I have been tinkering with one of my boxes to use ash as
>>>>>> /bin/sh and noticed that doing so some SlackBuilds aren't working as
>>>>>> intended anymore.
>>>>> I'll leave the question of whether this needs a mass patch at SBo to
>>>>> the SBo admins. If it doesn't, I'll quietly update my SlackBuilds the
>>>>> next time they need revision for other reasons.
>>>> Slackware assumes and requires that the root user uses bash as the default
>>>> shell. Not just SlackBuild scripts but the init scripts will not all work
>>>> the full 100% when using a limited version like ash.
> [snip]
>>>> We are not going to demand or execute a mass patch here at SlackBuilds.org -
>>>> we keep assuming that /bin/sh is linked to /bin/bash .
> [snip]
>> Thanks for your work on this. While we will not demand these changes be made
>> the maintainers of affected builds are free to make these changes if they wish.
>> --dsomero
> Your patch won't work in some cases - I'm guilty of using '[[' in dwdiff
> and mtpaint but I also leave $VAR unquoted. Merely changing it to '['
> will result in ash choking on either an unexpected operator or an
> expected argument if the variable is unset. But, as others have said,
> thanks for bringing it to my/our attention. I agree with the policy that
> sh is bash and that these changes aren't mandatory but also agree
> that SlackBuilds shouldn't be needlessly bashistic and I'll modify mine
> soon.
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I do not want to start a flame war here, but I would like an explanation 
of why the large majority of Slackware users, those who have & use bash, 
have to write ash-compliant scripts for those who are using that shell. 
I know that it has been done that way forever, I know that ash is run 
during install, I know that it is run in BusyBox, but when the system is 
installed, why can't I write any bash-compliant code & not get "bashed" 
by other users?

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