[Slackbuilds-users] www3.mplayerhq.hu is gone?

Klaatu gort.klaatu at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 01:38:22 UTC 2011

I was attempting to build mplayer-codecs tonight and couldn't get to
the server listed in the .info file to get the sources.  Turns out the
server listed in the .info file is www3.mplayerhq.hu and that does
indeed seem to be down for now.  www.mplayerhq.hu of course works as

I went into freenode's #mplayer channel and asked if www3 was gone
forever and a random person in that channel said that it looked like
it was.  Since it came from an unknown source on the almighty
Internet, I take it as gospel truth.

I dunno, maybe wait a few days, and then maybe we should s/www3/www/ instead?

-- klaatu

uzu linukso. subtenu libera programaro.
kotizu al oggcastplanet.org/gnuWorldOrder

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