[Slackbuilds-users] Slackware 13.37 is Out! :-)

Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Apr 28 01:23:56 UTC 2011

Wed Apr 27 17:42:43 UTC 2011
Well, it's that time again, and as expected, I'm at a loss for words.
  I suppose I'll start by thanking all of the usual suspects: the entire
  admin team here at SlackBuilds.org for the (as always) outstanding work;
  Pat and the Slackware team for such an elite, er, 1337 distribution, and
  all of our contributors and users for supporting us over the years.
In addition to the usual cleanup and fixes that accompany a new release, we
  have (thanks in part to git) done some purging of dead and unmaintained
  stuff from the repo, so hopefully none of that will be missed.  The only
  other notable change since 13.1 is the addition of haskell, perl, python,
  and ruby categories, so browsing the category listing should be a bit less
  harsh on the eyes now.
Finally, if you are a build script maintainer or potential submitter, we'd
  like to make the following public service announcement:  be sure to check
  the repo before submitting updates and new things, and if you are doing
  an update, make sure your local copy is identical to what's in the repo
  before you begin making changes - we tend to get a bit short-tempered
  when we have to redo previous fixes in a new submission.
Enjoy!  --rworkman

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