[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.35.0 Released

slakmagik slakmagik at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 03:16:36 UTC 2011

Greetings, all. This release includes a few small features, a few
modifications, and a few more or less minor bugs. Thanks to everyone who
helped. Congrats to Pat, et al., on the new Slackware.

sbopkg 0.35.0 (2011-04-28 02:48 UTC)


        * This release of sbopkg is Slackware 13.37-ready. (Congrats to
          all involved in the Slackware release.)

        * The READMEs of all installed packages can now be read from the
          main menu's list/uninstall item. (Selection state will also
          now be remembered.) Thanks to dmotaleite for the RFE.

        * Similarly, the -R and -p flags can now be combined to page
          through the READMEs of all installed packages.

        * Added ponce's repo (SBo variant for -current) to the default
          repos. Thanks to Mauro for suggesting this about a year ago.
          Note that this is unsupported (if a build from this repo
          breaks in sbopkg you get to keep both pieces) but people seem
          pleased with this repo and it'll save a step for new users.
          Note that the default repo files have been reordered, as well.
          50-sb64 is now 70, 60-local is now 50, and the new one is 60.
          This puts the unsupported repos last. If by chance you have a
          file with those names already in there, upgrading sbopkg will
          clobber them. See each of the two following sections for more
          repo-related modifications and bugfixing.

        * Added a bash completion file for sbopkg. This is independent
          of the bash-completion package. It can be found in the new
          doc/contrib directory. Source the file (in your shell startup
          files if you want it always on automatically) from its current
          location or wherever you wish to copy it and you should be
          able to complete some of sbopkg's flags and their arguments.
          Also see the KNOWN_ISSUES file. Thanks to Sergey V. for this


        * Updated French man pages. Thanks to Marie-Claude Collilieux.

        * Revised documentation: moved the queuefiles directory into a
          new contrib directory, renamed the README-*.d documents,
          stripping the '.d'. Clarified/updated the dialog nav/certcheck
          sections of KNOWN_ISSUES, brought the missing 0.27.0 and
          0.33.1 branch changes from their ChangeLogs into NEWS, added a
          block in README describing all the plain text documents, added
          a note about making corrections to THANKS, a couple of TODO
          items, etc.

        * Note also that symlinks are now made from README-repos and
          README-renames to READMEs in the corresponding /etc/sbopkg/*.d
          directories. NOTE that renames files must now end in .renames
          so, if you have custom files in renames.d, you'll need to
          rename them.

        * The 'Choose a repository' dialog widget is now titled
          'Repository Selection' and the widget text was revised. Also,
          the menu itself used to say 'BRANCH (REPO) DESCRIPTION' and
          now says 'REPO (BRANCH) DESCRIPTION'. The relevant item in the
          Utilities menu that shows which repo/branch you're on and
          takes you to the Repository Selection widget was similarly

        * When a repository directory does not exist, sbopkg now
          displays, e.g.

          REPO_{ROOT,NAME,BRANCH} -> /var/lib/sbopkg/,SBo/,13.1

          or, in the case of git repos which don't currently have BRANCH
          directories, it just shows REPO_{ROOT,NAME}. It used to

          REPO_ROOT -----------> /var/lib/sbopkg/

          While the new line may be odd looking, it should be clear
          enough that it means REPO_ROOT is /var/lib/sbopkg/, REPO_NAME
          is SBo/ and REPO_BRANCH is 13.1 and that these are path
          components and that the path is missing. Before, it would say
          /var/lib/sbopkg/ didn't exist if, e.g., 13.1 was missing even
          when /var/lib/sbopkg/ did exist.


        * Fixed an issue where URL redirects and SSL certificate check
          failures could combine to cause a download failure. Thanks to
          vbatts for raising this issue.

        * Fixed a documentation bug where the ability to keep a
          ~/.sbopkg.conf file to override the system config file (since
          0.25.0) wasn't documented anywhere other than this file. It's
          now in both manuals. Thanks to Bill Kirkpatrick for raising
          this issue.

        * Fixed an issue where 'Invert all' in file removal dialogs
          didn't 'invert' but turned everything on or off, regardless of
          selection state. If it was really intended to be
          'Select/Deselect all', then changing the button to "Invert
          Sel" and making it do that was a feature/modification instead
          of a bugfix. ;)

        * Fixed an issue were the user could switch repos, receive a
          directory creation prompt, abort it, and the active repo would
          be switched anyway, despite the directory not being created.
          Now, the original repo is restored as the active one.

        * Fixed a bug in a previous bugfix that would still let sbopkg
          download source files whose DOWNLOAD value ended in
          '/download' even when the source files were cached.

        * Fixed a depth-restriction bug triggered when an app
          directory's subdirectory has the same name as another app
          directory, causing sbopkg to match things or try to use things
          like openvswitch/xen/foo when xen/foo is intended. Thanks to
          David Somero for reporting this.

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