[Slackbuilds-users] ffmpeg slackbuild script, 13.37

Michael Amadio 01micko at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 03:59:20 UTC 2011

I ran into a bug building ffmpeg-0.6.1
No problem with dependencies, all built and installed perfectly.
ffmpeg built just fine but it fell down at packaging.

*POD     doc/ffmpeg.pod
MAN     doc/ffmpeg.1
POD     doc/ffplay.pod
MAN     doc/ffplay.1
POD     doc/ffprobe.pod
MAN     doc/ffprobe.1
POD     doc/ffserver.pod
MAN     doc/ffserver.1
INSTALL doc/ffmpeg.1
INSTALL doc/ffplay.1
INSTALL doc/ffprobe.1
INSTALL doc/ffserver.1
rm doc/ffprobe.pod doc/ffplay.pod doc/ffmpeg.pod doc/ffserver.pod
cp: cannot stat `doc/*.html': No such file or directory*

That's weird, no html files in doc/
So I commented line 196 in ffmpeg.SlackBuild and all is well for me anyway.
Built package, installed, working fine.
Can reproduce 100% of the time.
Hope this helps, regards
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