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Gwenhael Le Moine gwenhael.le.moine at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 15:31:03 UTC 2011

> Is there some way we could ask Pat to include the necessary 
> alterations in the next version of Slackware. Alternately, is there a 
> reason these are turned off by default?
I expect xcb-util and startup-notification to be updated one day or 
another, hopefully with all the xcb-util-* packages it has been spliteed 
into upstream...
For cairo, even though I can't find it right now, he answered something 
about xcb support being experimental and some instabilities reports so I 
wouldn't count on a "fixed" cairo just now...

I attach my install guideline if anyone's interested, it uses SBo 
packages when available, otherwise my own (and 3 of my own (at least) 
build directly from git head ;) .)

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