[Slackbuilds-users] Sbopkg 0.34.1 Released

slakmagik slakmagik at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 04:45:05 UTC 2011

This one's almost exclusively a bugfix release, but thanks to Pablo for
the new Spanish translations of the manuals. There are also revised
docs, including a new THANKS file that tries to give credit to all the
people who've helped with this project.

This release can be downloaded from


The relevant section of the new NEWS follows:

sbopkg 0.34.1 (2011-02-05 04:20 UTC)


        * Added Spanish translations of the man pages. Much thanks to
          Pablo Castano Fernandez for doing these translations.


        * Revision of documentation. Major reformatting and some textual
          modifications of /usr/doc/sbopkg-*/* including breaking out
          the credits in the script into a detailed THANKS file,
          renaming and reformatting ChangeLog.txt into NEWS, renaming
          the sample queuefiles from *.sqf to *.sqf.sample, and making
          lesser modifications to all the other docs.


        * Fixed issue where MKDIR_PROMPT was being ignored. Thanks to
          catkin for raising this issue.

        * Fixed issue where -o would wrongly produce no output. Thanks
          to ArTourter for raising this issue and to Mauro Giachero for
          the patch.

        * Fixed issue where TAG would sometimes not appear in the final
          package. Thanks to chytraeus for raising this issue.

        * A revision which fixed a failure to properly initialize
          directories when running under bash 3x was committed but
          didn't make it into the released package. It is included in
          this release. Also fixed a problem with a blank line being
          wrongly displayed in the directory initialization output in
          older bashes. Thanks to greinze for pointing the latter out.

        * Fixed documentation bug where the obsolete SBOPKGTMP and
          current TMPDIR variables weren't correctly documented. Thanks
          to dive for raising this issue.

        * Fixed non-documentation bug where TMPDIR wasn't being
          correctly assigned when set in sbopkg.conf. Thanks to Ken
          Roberts for reporting the issue and providing a preliminary

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