[Slackbuilds-users] Help on creating my own local slackbuild repo at home

Eric Schultz eric at schultzter.ca
Tue Jul 5 15:34:49 UTC 2011

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> 2011/7/5  <unix_lists at airpost.net>:
> git clone the SBo git repo. Add it to sbopkg repo files. after that
> choose it at sbopkg repo config. When you change anything on the repo
> do git add and git commit. When you a sbopkg -r (git pull) your
> changes and repo changes will be merged nicely (depending on changes
> you did).

I was trying to do something similar: I have a couple Slackware machines
with similar setups so I wanted to have a central SBo repo.  I use the rsync
backup on my NAS to sync SBo's repo but I can't seem to add it to the repo
files!?  I tried to add it as a local repo at
/media/network1/mirror/Sbo/build-13.37 but when ever I run sbopkg it says it
doesn't exist and offers to create it for me?!

The other thing I want to do is store the compiled packages in the NAS too
so when I get to the other machine I just have to upgrade the compiled
packages instead of recompile them each time. But I think I know how to do
that - and I'm not there yet!

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