[Slackbuilds-users] tangogps slackbuild doesn't work

David Spencer baildon.research at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 31 16:53:47 UTC 2011

> There is a newer / older version of gpsd in the pending queue (not
> approved yet).
> I'm copying the maintainer to see if he has any idea...

The gpsd maintainer is lying in bed feeling very very ill and reading
email with the brightness set to minimum :-(

gpsd-2.96 has an API change (the function set_raw_hook was removed)
which means viking-1.1 doesn't build.  That's why I recently submitted
the downgraded gpsd-2.95.  Both tangogps-0.99-2 and tangogps-0.99.4
build ok with both gpsd-2.96 and gpsd-2.95.  I don't know of any
specific changes in gpsd-2.96 that will cause a runtime segfault in
tangogps.  Because it's difficult to get a satellite fix in bed,
actual testing of tangogps-0.99.4 will require the gpsd maintainer to
get out of bed :-/

<digression> I've only just noticed there is a problem with SBo's
viking.info at the moment.  Although the SlackBuild is for version
1.1, the .info file is still for the old version 0.9.94 </digression>

FWIW, libcurl's error 6 is "Couldn't resolve host. The given remote
host was not resolved." which doesn't sound like the sort of thing
that would provoke a segfault.

The gpsd maintainer is now feeling a bit better, having spent the last
20 minutes thinking about tangogps, viking and gpsd instead of
migraine.  Maybe later tonight the gpsd maintainer will get out of bed

Probably more later

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