[Slackbuilds-users] Grip update recommended -> latest version builds, installs and runs just fine

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at xsmail.com
Sun Jun 26 18:39:27 UTC 2011

B Watson wrote:
> <...>
> So, I'll submit an updated package for grip-2.96, renamed to grip2. In its
> README I'll mention that there's a much newer version called grip3. Should
> work out OK for everyone.

Since Nicolas Kovacs specifically said he isnt willing to maintain the
newer 3.y version of grip himself, i dont think it makes sense writing
that the newer version is called grip3. The application is still called
grip no matter if its grip 2.x or grip 3.y.
Just renaming the current script to grip2, along with a mention that
"This is the old version of grip that allows it to build without GNOME
dependencies" should suffice.
If someone in the future wants to submit the 3.y version let them do so
using its actual name (grip).
Even the "new" 3.x version is from 2005 is old in my book while 2.x is
from 2002.
Since this hasnt been brought up for all this time chances are most
people are using an alternative. Slackware itself provides at least two
applications that are capable of doing everything grip does, both
requiring KDE. Grip is decent but it doesnt do anything special.


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