[Slackbuilds-users] ffmpeg

Eric Hameleers (SBo) alien at slackbuilds.org
Mon Nov 14 20:23:57 UTC 2011

Op 14-11-2011 20:39, darrell dupas schreef:
> it was easier for me to comment out the line than figure out that
> missing doc/*.html meant i had to install latex, i dont read the
> readme before trying to install, and there was no dependancy to latex
> listed on the main page

A "dependency" is a package which is not part of Slackware, but which
needs to be present in order to compile or run another package.

We do not consider any package whic is part of Slackware to be called
a "dependency". We assume that you did a full installation of Slackware.

If you build software on a non-full installation of Slackware, all
errors related to that fact are yours to solve... and latex is part of


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