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Rob McGee rob0 at slackbuilds.org
Thu Apr 5 00:25:24 UTC 2012

On Thu, Apr 05, 2012 at 12:32:27PM -0400, Alan Hicks wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Apr 2012 18:09:17 +0200
> Giuseppe De Nicolo' <g.denicolo at itdep.oapointroma.org> wrote:
> > I noticed that the slackbuild only has the option to build
> > it with mysql support. ... Is there a specific reason why
> > the script is it so ??
> There's a couple of reasons actually.
> 1- I don't use postgres so there was never a reason for me to add
> support for it into the script.
> 2- postgres isn't a part of Slackware, so building with postgress
> support adds an external dependency that I'd prefer to avoid.
> 3- Those people who actually need postgres support should be able
> to do exactly what you did after reading the script and postfix's
> excellent installation instructions.

But the README (with the nice brick text) implies that you can pass 
an option to the script to enable PostgreSQL. Also, Slackware does 
include SQLite, support for which is neither enabled nor mentioned in 

While Alan may not use SQLite himself, list.slackbuilds.org does. :) 
Oh, and BTW, the 2.8.3 version in the build has a serious bug in its 
SQLite support, that bug being fixed in 2.8.9. (The current stable 
release version is 2.9.1 as of this date.)

While we're nitpicking here, I should also point out that Slackware 
includes OpenLDAP client libraries, but the script and README make no 
account of that possibility. It's not really a "database" per se, but 
to Postfix, LDAP and SQL are very similar. Seems to me that under the 
reasoning Alan gave above, LDAP and SQLite should be mentioned rather 
than PostgreSQL.

Another thing possibly worth mentioning: these databases are not 
exclusive, and you can enable as many as you wish. I have built my 
own with both PostgreSQL and SQLite, for example.

Finally, and this is definitely a fault in the build script: the cp 
command copies "RELEASE_NOTES" among other files. That's ONLY the 
notes for the current major version, in this case, 2.8 up to 
patchlevel 3. You have failed to package the older RELEASE_NOTES* 
files. A user upgrading across numerous major versions needs to 
consult all the RELEASE_NOTES* files between the prior version 
installed and the present release.

Looking at the postfix-2.10-20120308 source tarball, I would include 
all the uppercase filenames except for Makefile* and @INSTALL (a 
symbolic link), including (as you did) the mixed-case IPv6-ChangeLog 
file. Also, back in January Wietse threw another curveball at us: 
there's now a "pflogsumm_quickfix.txt" file which definitely belongs 
with the documentation.

Sorry, no brick text this time. Maybe next time.
    Rob McGee - /dev/rob0 - rob0 at slackbuilds.org

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