[Slackbuilds-users] nvidia-{driver, kernel} [was: Updates - 20120801.1]

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 02:48:02 UTC 2012

On 08/03/2012 01:16 AM, Matteo Bernardini wrote:
> ---snip---BTW, bad news for me about dropping multilib support for the driver as
> I use it a lot, gotta find a way to reimplement it on top of your
> build script.
> Matteo

Well, it all depends on full conversion to Linux native software.  I 
have a pretty wicked gaming addiction; especially the old arcade and DOS 
stuff.  That's not a problem with MAME and dosbox, but for "newer" games 
having to boot WinXP is tedious, not to mention WINE tends to work 
better for WIn95-98 and XP in some cases.  If I continue to use multilib 
and If enough Slackers go multilib, and maybe get a multilib entry on 
SBo, I'll continue the support.  What I will drop it on the fly 
switching: nvidia-switch will just install and clean.

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