[Slackbuilds-users] Slackware 14 Etiquette

Eric Hameleers alien at slackbook.org
Sun Aug 5 10:45:02 UTC 2012

Hi David

Let me address a few questions up front:

On 08/05/2012 12:11 PM, David Spencer wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Apologies if this is pushing things faster than the SBo Admins wish to
> go, you are welcome to leave this hanging in the air for as long as it
> takes.

No problem at all. Working on packages and replying to emails are two
separate things...

> (1) How are we handling Java?  Maybe 'This requires the Oracle JRE or
> JDK or OpenJDK' in the README (as appropriate), on the assumption that
> Slackware 14's documentation will describe what to do?  <troll
> mode="semi_serious"> or I'd be happy to drop all the Java stuff from
> the repo, it's what Oracle deserves </troll>

Pat added a "java" directory in the /extra section of Slackware 14 which
contains a SlackBuild script you can use to wrap the official binaries
from Oracle (jdk or jre does not matter - the script can handle both)
into a proper Slackware package. So, if you have need of Java, you can
just use that to produce a package and install it (or upgrade the
Slackware 13.37 version to the most recent Oracle JDK).

> (2) Where the SlackBuild needs to be changed, are we bumping BUILD, or
> are we resetting it back to 1 for the new release?

The BUILD numbers are not going to be reset. That would not make sense.
If anything, some BUILd numbers will get updated when the script needs
some fixing to compile a package on Slackware 14. Or in case the old
Slackware 13.37 package is broken because of Slackware 14 library
updates and needs to be recompiled on Slackware 14 to make it work
properly again.
In all other cases, the BUILD number should remain unchanged.

> (3) People seem to be emailing changes in lots of different formats,
> what's the *preferred* format?  Submission form compliant tarball?
> Patch?  Git?

I don't think the admin team have given that much thought yet. I at
least have not.

Cheers, Eric


Eric Hameleers
Email: eric.hameleers at gmail.com

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