[Slackbuilds-users] gem2tgz cleanup

Vincent Batts vbatts at hashbangbash.com
Mon Feb 13 16:14:22 UTC 2012

a couple of points

for cycojesus, the DOWNLOAD in the info does not work well in an
automated fashion, since it points to a generated tarball from a git
tag. When wget'ed it results in a file with the name of the tag, not
the expected tarball name. I would recommend attaching an actual
tarball to the github page for this project. That way it'll get
properly wget'ed (see https://github.com/cycojesus/gem2tgz/downloads)

for the SBo admins, the page is not rendering the contents correctly
either. http://slackbuilds.org/repository/13.37/development/gem2tgz/

Take care,

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