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Marco Bonetti sid77 at slackware.it
Fri Jan 13 09:37:49 UTC 2012

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> On Nov 19th 2011 I mailed the maintainer the offer about taking over,
> since then there has been no reply.
I haven't received this email and, IIRC, I've replied all of your previous one. Anyway...

> Would it be ok for me to submit my buildscript for allmydata-tahoe
> 1.9.1 in order to taker over maintainership? Any objections?
> (I hate to have to do it this way)
...I was waiting for the 1.9.1 security fix to update tahoe and it has been released today (yesterday, depending on the time zone). If you are in an hurry, go ahead and take over maintenance of it and needed dependencies as you see it fit in. Just drop here what packages you would like to take on.

Have fun!

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