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markus reichelt ml at mareichelt.com
Fri Jan 13 19:37:47 UTC 2012

* Marco Bonetti <sid77 at slackware.it> wrote:

> > On Nov 19th 2011 I mailed the maintainer the offer about taking over,
> > since then there has been no reply.
> I haven't received this email and, IIRC, I've replied all of your
> previous one.  Anyway...

My co-conspirator reminded me to check if I also bothered you on IRC
about tahoe. I did ... and feel a little bit stupid now:

= 2010 Oct 11 19:16:39-!- Irssi: Starting query in server2 with sid77
= 2010 Oct 11 19:16:39<jg71> you there?  sorry if i bother you like
this but could you please update
http://slackbuilds.org/repository/13.1/network/allmydata-tahoe/ ? 
that version is quite stale, and 1.8.0 is out for 3 weeks now. 

And you replied along the lines of "not much time now, take over if
you want just tell sbo-u-ml"


In retrospect though, it was a good thing I didn't do that; because
shortly after that chat life itself showed me all the joy a certain
type of new neighbours has to offer.  (I eventually relocated)

> > Would it be ok for me to submit my buildscript for allmydata-tahoe
> > 1.9.1 in order to taker over maintainership? Any objections?
> > (I hate to have to do it this way)
> I was waiting for the 1.9.1 security fix to update tahoe and it has
> been released today (yesterday, depending on the time zone).  If
> you are in an hurry, go ahead and take over maintenance of it and
> needed dependencies as you see it fit in.  Just drop here what
> packages you would like to take on.
> Have fun!

Thank you.

I'll submit updated buildscript of allmydata-tahoe later on.

As to the dependencies, if it's ok with you, I could also take over:



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