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ABELA Chris chris.abela at maltats.com
Fri Jan 13 14:05:47 UTC 2012


I have some news to share about Tahoe-LAFS. Maintainer(s) of
dependency builds are CC

The allmydata-tahoe buildscript is still for v1.6.1

In early September I shared info with the listed maintainer to get
things going for 1.8.2, and submitted two additional dependencies to

In October I mailed again about tahoe (with info for 1.8.3), and
new updated download links for dependencies.

In the beginning of November I contacted the maintainer again with an
updated buildscript for tahoe-lafs 1.9.0.  During that time I also
added Slackware to tahoe's "OSpackages page" at

On Nov 19th 2011 I mailed the maintainer the offer about taking over,
since then there has been no reply.

Since Nov 2011 I offer quick-setup guides/notes for tahoe on Slackware
13.37 @ http://mareichelt.com/pub/mine/tahoe-lafs/

Would it be ok for me to submit my buildscript for allmydata-tahoe
1.9.1 in order to taker over maintainership? Any objections?
(I hate to have to do it this way)

And there's an oddity with the pycryptopp buildscript: the install of
"/usr/embeddedcryptopp/extraversion.h" It's an unusual place for a .h
and its naming implies that it shouldn't be there at all.  (anyone
got a clue?)

And the darcsver buildscript needs to be adapted: DOCS="README.rst"
is necessary for the latest version (1.7.4)

wrt foolscap & twisted: the versions listed on SBo (0.6.1 & 11.0.0)
are ok to use in that combo, but if you update, update them both (to
0.6.3 & 11.1.0, the buildscripts on SBo work just fine)

Hope I didn't forget something important... Oh well, time for a
caffeine refill.

left blank, right bald

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I will archive this mail. Just in case someone tell me that Slackware is a
dying distro :-)

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