[Slackbuilds-users] Updates enquiry

Marcin Herda mherda at slackword.net
Sun Nov 4 17:34:42 UTC 2012

Hi there,

First of all, thank you all for great work and another set of wonderful 

My questions is related to the submission procedure at the moment. 
According to the slackbuilds.org website:

/"Submissions are still closed. We'd like to rest a bit before we hit 
the daily grind again... /"

... which obviously is understandable as the SlackBuilds team are only 
human beings and need to rest from time to time:). For that reason I 
have been waiting with my updates (both bug fixes and version updates) 
for the submissions to be officially open. With yet another set of 
updates, I've started wondering if I've missed something? Are the 
submissions open now?

Thank you for clarification.

Kindest regards
Marcin Herda

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