[Slackbuilds-users] My SlackBuild status

Chris Abela kristofru at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 05:30:02 UTC 2012

As I do not follow -current my Slackbuilds could not be updated for a
long time, but I managed to catch up and the following is the status
of the SlackBuilds that are currently under my maintenance. Naturally
I do this on a best effort basis but if you disagree with anything
here or you would like to takeover any of the listed applications,
please let me know.

glpk			up-to-date
qhull           	up-to-date
knights         	to be updated - but needs KDE4.9 while Slack 14.0
comes with KDE4.8
dos2unix		updated - submitted
gcp			up-to-date
recode          	up-to-date
zyGrib          	to be updated but needs a qwt update
C-IP2Location   	updated - submitted - will be renamed ip2location-c
etherape		up-to-date
gq              	up-to-date
ipv6calc        	updated - submitted
loic            	updated - submitted - will be renamed LOIC
wput            	up-to-date
xinetd          	updated - submitted
ganttproject	up-to-date
openproj        	abandoned
burp            	updated - submitted
cronie		up-to-date
davfs           	updated - submitted
dump		updated - submitted
vlock			up-to-date
asterixInspector	new submission

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