[Slackbuilds-users] Script licensing

Audrius Kažukauskas audrius at neutrino.lt
Sat Nov 17 10:31:39 UTC 2012


According to notes in SBo SlackBuild templates, "Public Domain" scripts
are no longer allowed:

  A license is required, and we strongly suggest you use the above
  BSD/MIT style license.  We DO NOT accept "Public Domain" scripts.
  Public domain is not valid in some countries, and no license is
  worse than a "bad" license in those countries.

This is easily applicable for new SlackBuilds, but what about the ones
that were submitted to SBo in the past as "Public Domain" and need an
update now?  If they also need to be licensed, there are two cases not
clear to me:

- Scripts that were authored by one person as "Public Domain" and were
  taken maintenance of by somebody else, and now they have the following

    # Created by Foo
    # Maintained as of version 1.2.3 by Bar

- Scripts that were authored by one person, but were modified by one or
  more SBo admins and/or somebody else:

    # Created by Foo
    # Modified by Bar
    # Modified by Baz

It would be very helpful if admins would clarify how to act in such
cases.  Thank you.

BTW, licensing requirements in <http://slackbuilds.org/guidelines/>
should also be updated to reflect these policy changes.

Audrius Kažukauskas
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