[Slackbuilds-users] xcdroast slackbuild broken only for me ?

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo willysr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 13:53:20 UTC 2012

>     I downloaded the slackbuild fromw sbo once I upgraded to 14 x86_64 and I
> would like to point out that this package is completely broken for me , in
> slackware 14 cdrtools as been dropped and replace with cdrkit ( it wasn't
> the case in 13.37 ) , and now xcdroast won't work anymore ... it does
> compile and install but it wont start . To manage to make it work I had to
> install all these patch ( also make some symlinks manualy )
> 15_no_readcd_version.patch
> 16_cannot_access_cdrecord.patch
> 17_invalid_mkisofs_version.patch
> 18_invalid_cdda2wav_version.patch
> fix_cddb_hidden_tracks.patch
> parse_version.patch
>     In addition to the one inserted in the build ( although some of these
> are not for this version of xcdroast ) , and now I can use it and burn CD
> though it is still unusable for DVD as it doesnt find proDVD support wich
> was in cdrtools but it seems it cannot find it in cdrkit.
>     Yes I quite aware that xcdroast is quite ancient software but I do use
> only gtk+ on my system ,  so basically what I m asking is .. Is this only my
> problem ?? am I missing something or is the slackbuild broken in slackware
> 14 ??

It builds fine and it works fine too
try switch to root and run xcdroast -n
you will then have to reconfigure your application to work for non-root user

On my desktop, it does failed to scan the device automatically, but it
worked when i used the manual scanning process by entering /dev/cdrom
and it found my DVD-RW drive :)

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
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