[Slackbuilds-users] how do I enable the java plugin?

higuita higuita at GMX.net
Mon Apr 22 00:08:50 UTC 2013

> > Well maybe there is cause for caution. See
> > http://www.javatester.org/index.htm

	Java security model was found weak to a special attack and
after that it was been easy to bypass it. Oracle have been trying to
block all paths to that weakness, as the real fix is to break today
java apps. Of course, its a chase (and losing) battle and so loading
unknown java is today always a risk.

	yet, like me, many people must have java installed in the browser
because of work tools or government sites.

> Since this thread has been happening, I've become so paranoid about
> java that I'm scared to click on the "Test the version of Java your
> browser is using" link on that page. Its clearly going to exercise my

	Fear not! :)

	The browsers can help on this mess. Chrome/chrommium can ask
before running java. Firefox is finishing a entry to enable each
plugin on each site... but until then use the about:permissions
to setup the plugin to "ask" and only enable java (click to play) on the
sites you really need. As a side effect you get the firefox native

	So you need not to have java or any plugin enable by default,
set to ask and enable it where you need it

good luck!

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