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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
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On 04/27/2013 05:39 PM, slackbuilds at jq.oc9.com wrote:

> Is there anything equivalent to security at slackware.com for slackbuilds?

There is, and there isn't. Like Niels mentioned, there isn't a list per
se', because we don't *maintain* any packages - just the scripts here.
You have to d/l the source yourself.

If there are security issues, then the responsibility is upon you, as
the administrator, to follow progress with the upstream developers,
since it is there where one would find (if it exists), the security
lists or announcement methods that pertain to that/those particular
software package[s].

That having been said, there is a vehicle for maintaining the software
you install via the Slackbuilds site - much along the lines of how
slackpkg keeps your Slackware machine updated with the latest releases
from the oficial stable Slackware releases.

That vehicle is called *sbopkg*, and you can d/l it at http://sbopkg.org

Once installed, it syncs with the SBo repo and you can check for updates
whenever you choose. When there are new releases of the software you
have installed, the SBo scripts are updated here as well (in a
reasonable amount of time). When that happens, sbopkg will inform you of
the new releases and offer you the opportunity to install it.

Beyond that, there are also queuefiles, which is a pretty comprehensive
endeavor to resolve dependencies via the SBo repo. For that, there are a
couple of options, but perhaps the newest one that has been working for
most folks is the one by Chess Griffen here:

I haven't personally used sqg myself. It's basically a helper for the
manual way that I still tend to install queuefile support - in the
following manner:

# cd /var/lib/sbopkg
# git clone
# sbopkg -i <package_name>.sqf -k

To keep it up to date, you occasionally should:

# cd /var/lib/sbopkg/queues
# git pull

But sqg should handle all of that for you :)

There are also numerous other news articles and Slackware related items
that are regularly shared with everyone at the Google Plus Slackware
Linux Community here:
https://plus.google.com/communities/104043194426129544738 - including
discussions about Enlightenment and Mate for Slackware and sqg too.

To follow a little bit on the development end of sqg, see this thread:

And don't forget about http://docs.slackware.com either.

Welcome to SBo Alain, it took you long enough to get here ;)

I hope that helps!

Kindest regards,

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