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Audrius Kažukauskas audrius at neutrino.lt
Sun Apr 28 10:25:17 UTC 2013

Hi, slackers,

About a couple of months ago I sent an email to Larry Hajali and Vincent
Batts asking if one of them could update virtualenv build script.  I
wrote to them both because Larry had orphaned this script (among the
others) and Vincent claimed[*] it, but this happened on 2011-10-24, and
since then there were no updates to the script, while virtualenv itself
had numerous releases.  In other words, I wasn't sure who was the
current maintainer.

Larry replied that he indeed is not the maintainer anymore.
Unfortunately, I haven't heard from Vincent at all (I sent the email to
his hashbangbash.com address), perhaps he was busy with life at that
time and simply forgot to reply later, or maybe my email was eaten by a
grue while on its way to Vincent, who knows what really happened.

So I'm trying again, this time to this mailing list.  If Vincent isn't
interested anymore, I'll gladly take over the script.  It's one of those
tools that are essential to my workflow while writing Python code.

[*] http://lists.slackbuilds.org/pipermail/slackbuilds-users/2011-October/008223.html

Audrius Kažukauskas
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