[Slackbuilds-users] lighttpd & nginx

Thomas Morper thomas at beingboiled.info
Mon Apr 29 12:45:20 UTC 2013

Hello *,

I've noticed that the SlackBuilds for lighttpd and nginx lag a bit behind.

In November 2012 lighttpd 1.4.32 was released, containing a fix for a 
critical bug. The SlackBuild, however, is still at 1.4.31.

The SlackBuild for nginx is still at 1.2.26 (December 2012), having missed 
numerous bugfixes from two more stable releases in the 1.2-branch 
(superseeded by the new stable 1.4 a few days ago).

I've tried contacting the respective maintainers but haven't received a 
reply yet (considering the eagerness of Google's spam filter I'm not sure 
if they even got my mails).


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