[Slackbuilds-users] questions if the SlackBuilds team helped me with the Moria SlackBuild, and on the license in the template, etc.

David Melik dchmelik at hipplanet.com
Wed Aug 7 17:29:15 UTC 2013

--- dchmelik at hipplanet.com wrote:
After looking more in my mboxes to see who helped me with Moria, I found a corrupt 'mail' consisting of a couple mails, and I think Robby Workman helped (and maybe someone else on IRC):

"Why do we need that big Debian diff?  Also, I think you found the least intuitive way possible to build that; I'll have some fixes for that when I add it.  If the Debian diff is really needed, you can send me a diff after I get it added, or resubmit based on the repo version after 14.0 releases.  Also, I'll remind you yet again that the extraneous comments in build scripts are supposed to be removed.


So, Robby made the diff smaller, but I forgot if he wrote the commands that use it and ones that fix the Makefile (or if someone else on IRC did and if I changed the diff name in the script). So, when I upload with the SlackBuilds license, do I put copyright me and Robby (and whoever else may have been involved), and/or the SlackBuilds team...? It is not as big a deal to me as much as the fact that apparently it needs a license--even BSD-type--to be considered Free/Libre software, and so maybe for anyone to ever take it over easily in the future.


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