[Slackbuilds-users] installing openoffice 3.3.0 - building error

Kees Theunissen C.J.Theunissen at differ.nl
Mon Aug 26 03:53:44 UTC 2013

On Sun, 25 Aug 2013, Valdir Franco wrote:

>>On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 8:14 AM, Valdir Franco <chuck.mx at gmail.com<http://lists.slackbuilds.org/mailman/listinfo/slackbuilds-users>> wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>>Trying install openoffice using slackbuild got an error, stopping script.
>>>SOURCEDIR: unbound variable
>>>Any hint on fixing it?
>>Yeah, download the openoffice.org<http://openoffice.org> tarball for your particular architecture
>>and put it in the same folder as the openoffice.org.SlackBuild.  The error
>>is stating that $SOURCEDIR is not defined because it can't find the tarball.
>Hi, again.
>I did download again, at least three times.
>For me the file name is correct. Below is my screen, with dir contents e the script error.
>root at mrx:/home/marxz/Softwares/Apache OpenOffice/openoffice.org#<http://openoffice.org#> ls
>root at mrx:/home/marxz/Softwares/Apache OpenOffice/openoffice.org#<http://openoffice.org#> ./openoffice.org.SlackBuild
>./openoffice.org.SlackBuild: line 103: SOURCEDIR: unbound variable
>root at mrx:/home/marxz/Softwares/Apache OpenOffice/openoffice.org#<http://openoffice.org#>

I guess that the space in your directory name "Apache OpenOffice" is
the cause of all trouble. Rename that directory to something without
spaces and try again.

>I'm not a batch/script writing expert, but looks like is missing something in the script excerpt:
># Check if we have the tarball
>if [ ! -r $TARBALL ]; then
>  echo "$TARBALL not found"
>  exit 1

This check doesn't do anything besause $TARBALL is not defined. $TARNAME
is used everywhere else in the script. But that is not the cause of your

># Ignore this - it's just to get the toplevel directory name of the
># extracted tarball archive
>SOURCEDIR=$(tar tzf $CWD/$TARNAME 2>/dev/null | head -n 1 | tr -d \/)
># If the above operation failed for some reason, unset SOURCEDIR so that
># the "set -eu" below will cause us to bail out with an error  <<<<<<<<------shouldn't be an "if" statement here?
>[ -z $SOURCEDIR ] && unset SOURCEDIR  <<<<<------ I understand this line as a condition, but no loop command.....am I wrong?
>set -eu
>rm -rf $PKG
>mkdir -p $TMP $PKG $OUTPUT
># Extract tarball
>tar xvf $CWD/$TARNAME -C $TMP
>Thanks again...
>marx   :-p



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