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Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Mon Dec 9 10:25:59 UTC 2013

Nick Warne wrote, On 07/12/13 14:41:
> Nick Warne wrote, On 28/11/13 13:39:
>> OK, day off work, I just shipped a bug report to the wavemon maintainer.
>>    Will keep y'all updated.
> Quick update on this.  The source code maintainer doesn't know what is
> going on, and as he doesn't use Slackware he couldn't really help to debug.
> But anyway, in IRC early this morning and chatting to Willy,
>    we found a solution.
> In Slackware ncurses package for 14.1 is a rather large patch...
> reverting this (i.e. build the 14.0 ncurses package and install that
> instead) fixes wavemon - all works as it should.
> So, whether the patch breaks wavemon, or wavemon is using a work-around
> in the code to get around a ncurses bug which the patch fixes, I do not
> know.
> Details:
> http://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware-14.1/source/l/ncurses/
> --> ncurses-5.9-20130504-patch.sh.xz
> I am wondering if this will also break other stuff that uses ncurses -
> we will have to wait and see.

Further upate on this, the wavemon maintainer got back, and he too found 
the patch broke the interface of wavemon (in Debian/testing).

He then found a bug report:


which reports ncurses break dialog.  The Debian people have an upstream 
patch that fixes the patch (but I can't find it)...

So, in Slack 14.1 wavemon dialog breaks - I guess I need to ship Pat a 
mail with the bug report so he can get the latest patches for ncurses build.

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