[Slackbuilds-users] clamav

Matteo Bernardini matteo.bernardini at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 10:14:53 UTC 2013

2013/3/27 Helmut Hullen <Hullen at t-online.de>

> Hallo, slackbuilds-users,
> the clamav packet seems to have some errors:
> "/etc/logrotate.d/clamav" overwrites an older file, it has to be named
> "clamav.new" in the build script.

I agree.

> "/etc/logrotate.d/clamav-milter" seems to have vanished, even in the
> "*.new" version

Looks like there never has been such file in the clamav submitted to SBo.

> The "doinst.sh" script must "config" the two above mentioned files too.

Yes, obviously as a consequence of installing the logrotate stuff as .new.

> The actual script "/etc/logrotate.d/clamav" produces some strange
> errors, perhaps invoked by the "su ..." line.
> I use an older script without the
>         su ...
>         create ...
>         /bin/kill ... freshclam ...

the su option is necessary for the new logrotate: which version of
slackware are you using?
can you please post the related errors?

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