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Robby Workman rworkman at slackbuilds.org
Thu Oct 31 04:08:09 UTC 2013

On Wed, 30 Oct 2013 22:43:34 +0000
"mancha" <mancha1 at hush.com> wrote:

> Hi. Recent url shuffling at weather.com broke xfce4-weather-plugin
> 0.7.4 on one of my systems.
> I fixed it and while at it fixed the other two versions offered
> by SBo. Feel free to use them:
> http://sf.net/projects/mancha/files/misc/xfce4-weather-plugin-0.6.2-
> urlfix.diff
> http://sf.net/projects/mancha/files/misc/xfce4-weather-plugin-0.7.3-
> urlfix.diff
> http://sf.net/projects/mancha/files/misc/xfce4-weather-plugin-0.7.4-
> urlfix.diff
> Also, the 0.6.2 source links are defunct. They should be changed
> to:
> http://archive.xfce.org/src/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-
> plugin/0.6/xfce4-weather-plugin-0.6.2.tar.bz2
> PS The plugins bundled with Slackware 14.0 and 14.1rc3 aren't
> affected as those versions are post-migration to met.no.

Now is not a great time for me/us to handle those (given the activity
surrounding 14.1), but yeah, good changes.  I'll try to remember to
grab at least the one for 13.37 and push it out, if only for the
sake of reference for others.  Thanks!

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