[Slackbuilds-users] PostgreSQL - multiple installed versions

Benjamin Trigona-Harany bosth at alumni.sfu.ca
Wed Sep 4 03:03:00 UTC 2013

On September 3, 2013 17:04:15 Adis Nezirovic wrote:
> Guys, I have a question for all PostgreSQL users and SBo admins.
> Would it be OK for the next PostgreSQL package (upcoming 9.3) to be version
> specific and parallel-installable with  old PostgreSQL versions.
> (of course, we would continue that practice in the future).
> Since PostgreSQL installations are not upgradeable in place, one needs to
> do export/import data cycle or use pg_upgrade utility, and having old and
> new database instance would be very handy for that.
> The packages would be named postgresql93 (v9.3.x), postgresql94 (v9.4.x)
> (the current postgresql can be treated as postgresql92), and would use
> version specific data directories.

This is timely because a similar issue just came up with the 2.2 release of 
PostGIS, which also expects both the current 2.2 and the previous 2.1 versions 
installed to do an in-place upgrade of existing databases.

However, providing both postgis21 and postgis22 SlackBuilds would mean some 
headaches for packages depending on PostGIS since it wouldn't be evident which 
version of PostGIS it was built against without also versioning that build 

Likewise, splitting PostgreSQL into version-dependent scripts is going to 
affect dependencies. Other distros have ended up with packages such as 
postgres91-postgis21-2.1.0, but I don't see that being maintainable, 
especially when we consider the further SlackBuilds that will depend on that 

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